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Craig Hanson

General Partner

Ben Fu

General Partner

Tom Rikert

General Partner

Sebastien Lepinard

General Partner

Frederic Halley

Operating Partner

Laura Tse

VP, Finance

Kate McCullough

VP, Marketing & Operations

Sunil Chhaya

Senior Associate

Pablo Moreno de Tejada


Elena Deliot

European Field Marketing

Odile Roujol

Advisor in Residence

Simon Webster

Advisor in Residence

Megan Carnow

Executive Assistant

NextWorld Insights

Why we’re (still) underestimating the impact of the subscription movement

Craig Hanson
Jul 16, 2018

Why we invested in Aircall: democratizing customer call center software

Ben Fu
Jun 5, 2018

London 2018 Enterprise Innovation Forum

Frederic HALLEY
Apr 5, 2018
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