We help you build what’s next


Our mission

A focused, dynamic firm that leads investments in what’s next and rolls up its sleeves to help grow companies into global leaders.

We believe

In thoughtful, rigorous due diligence and depth of knowledge—as opposed to following fads and flash.

That being specialized and focused allows us to gain unique insights that more generalist investors miss.

That the deep contextual knowledge and the relationships we’ve built over time don’t just make for wiser decisions, they deliver unparalleled value to our portfolio companies.

Most importantly, we believe in builders. We invest in them, and we hire them.

We’ve built them a platform that doesn’t just provide best practices, it delivers customer and partner relationships, technology expertise, and enterprise-ready innovation. At the end of the day, we bring everything we’ve got to help you build what’s next—whether it’s 100M in revenue, opening new markets, or an IPO.

How we think about investing ?

Identify and focus on massive, sustainable 10-20 year trends in complex, rapidly growing tech sectors.


Track, research, and analyse investment hypotheses, companies, and sectors to discern inflection points within the “waves.”


Consistent sourcing insights and wiser decisions focused on the next billion-dollar+ market opportunities. Deep expertise and insights that help our portfolio companies streamline growth.

Waves we invest in

We focus on the enterprise technology sectors that are transforming existing markets and defining new ones.

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