How we work together


We believe that our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it’s reflected in our attitude and our approach. These values are key to how we engage with each other, our partners, and the companies we invest in.

Be a builder

All our companies were started by builders with the drive to achieve greatness. Likewise, we strive to be bold, undeterred by hard work, and inspired by a big vision.

Dig deep

Don’t get caught up in hype and fear of missing out. Focus on your personal conviction paired with thoughtful, rigorous assessment.

Deliberate urgency

We have to be as fast and nimble as the companies we invest in. Go fast but build sustainable businesses with sound metrics and approaches.

Challenge with respect

Always push to find the truth and the best outcome, but do it with respect. Discuss honestly and listen well.

Trust each other

To be agile in decision making, you need to trust your team. We trust our individual and collective expertise and judgement.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

We’re in it to win it, but we check our egos at the door.

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